About Us

Banana Fighter Fit started off as a personal-training program in Martial Arts, Fitness, Nutrition and Self-Care. 

In addition to being an online store providing its customers with top quality self-care products, Banana Fighter Fit is an online platform present on all trending social media platforms designed to guide the viewers with the best fitness, martial arts, self-development and self-care advice.


What are we selling?

-Self Care equipment

-Fitness equipment

-Martial arts equipment

-[SOON TO COME] clothing apparel and beauty/hygiene equipment


Why are we selling it?

Throughout time the company noticed a significant spike in the world population's sedentary lifestyle, leading to serious health problems (Both mentally and physically).

A decision was then made to open a worldwide accessible store because we wanted to supply people with the best fitness, martial and self-care equipment worldwide, completely FREE of shipping, to improve their lifestyle.